A Copy Editing & Proofreading Service

You’re an author, probably an indie author looking to self publish or prepare a proposal for a publishing house or agent.  More than likely you are on a budget.   You’ve spent every spare hour pouring blood, sweat and tears onto each and every page.  You have proofread and edited the book numerous times, so many that you can almost recite the book by heart.  In fact, you are so keen to do well and present your pride and passion in the best possible way to your audience, you have actually gone word blind.

You are so passionate you can no longer see the obvious, let alone the subtle mistakes. You are reading ahead of the words on the page; you know the story so well you are reading what you want to read and meant to write and not exactly what you have written.


That’s why I’m here. Let me be the one to ‘clean it up,’ to give your work a thorough inspection and make it gleam.


Contact me today for a reasonable estimate.