Hazel St. James

Hazel’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hazel-St-James/528977757115861?fref=ts

What she has to say about Tanya – The Word Maid:

When I first started writing, Tanya Keetch was the first editor that I contacted, and I stopped looking right after talking with her. She was my first official “vendor” that I hired…it was the absolute best decision I could have made. She is a professional to the very end. Never gives up, always willing to work with you on whatever you need done. There hasn’t be a single time that she hasn’t pulled through for me, even when I give her crazy and demanding deadlines! She is the best of the best. Tanya is a perfectionist and it shows with every job she hands back to me…all shined up and ready to print!