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Wicked Girls Book Weekend

February 15, 2013This chick-a-dee is taking tomorrow off to meet some great authors. Followed by a party bus ride to Fairvilla. I will probably go broke buying a ton of paperbacks! It’ll be awesome. Follow hashtag #wickedbookweekend on Twitter to see how the madness ensues!


February 14, 2013Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Birthday to Hazel St. James! and Happy Release Day to Hazel St. James. Check out her new release here:

Getting excited…

February 13, 2013At this point in time, K and I (and a few behind the scenes people) have been working all the kinks out of my new site. I appreciate her and their help so much. Nonetheless, it is coming together beautifully and I am so excited to unveil it to the world, officially.   ~T

I must learn to tweet more!!!

February 12, 2013Now that I have a website, a proper one rather than just a FaceBook Page, I really ought to make sure I learn to tweet as the tweets magically appear on the website!!!
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February 12, 2013Kristiene Gray (1982 – ) was born in Cheltenham on New Years Day. She attended high class schools and a finishing college, where she drifted deep into the BDSM scene as a means to escape her upbringing. She left the scene when she felt she needed greater emotional attachment than she was getting. From there,
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